Bulk Mastercard® Gift Cards for Employees

Gray Mastercard Reward Card

Looking for a simple and effective reward to encourage performance, recognize employees or build customer loyalty?

The Mastercard Reward Card, Mastercard Incentives Card, and Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card are convenient and flexible ways to recognize employees and encourage customer loyalty.

These prepaid cards are available in open denominations and may be used everywhere debit cards from Mastercard are accepted. With physical card options available, we make it easy for recipients to take their cards on the go to their favorite retailers.

Streamline and simplify ordering and fulfillment with one of our Enterprise Solutions or our InCentives Shop, where you can give them the perfect egift card in just a few clicks! We make it easy to create a rewards program or gift card program. Offer your employees or customers the ultimate selection and added flexibility of Mastercard prepaid cards — a preferred incentive choice! Buy bulk gift cards like Mastercard gift cards and reward cards in bulk now.

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  • Mastercard Incentives Card available in denominations up to $10,000
  • Mastercard Rewards Card available in denominations $5-$2,000
  • Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card available in denominations $20-$500
  • Available through our InCentives Shop or on our enterprise platforms, including points-based systems
  • Cards are welcomed at millions of locations in the U.S., everywhere credit cards and debit cards from Mastercard are accepted, including in-store and online merchants
  • Choose from no service fees to fee down or other terms and conditions (depending on card selection) with expiration dates that vary
  • Physical cards available


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  • A simple way to stimulate growth and help drive business results whether you are a Fortune 500 or small business.

  • Bulk orders are the perfect gift as you can celebrate entire groups of people with gift card purchases, like for holiday gifts, anniversaries, or birthdays.

  • Shipping packages include everything recipients need to start spending; their encoded card, personalized paper carrier, and cardholder agreement. You can even customize your own card design.

  • Individually fulfilled cards will also include an activation sticker with instructions for card activation.

  • Looking for a reloadable option? Then be sure to check out our Visa Reward and Visa Incentives cards. We also offer American Express cards.