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How do employees feel about recognition in the workplace since COVID began?

Research shows employee’s priorities are further shifting post-COVID. A positive workplace environment isn’t enough anymore. 80% said they have a positive company culture, but almost 50% are considering or looking for a new job.

We surveyed over 1,200 full-time workers to see how companies can lower employee burnout and increase job satisfaction. Together we can turn the great resignation into the great reinvigoration. 

Key Statistics

  • 59% feel less appreciated by and connected to their team working remotely
  • 20% feel burnt out
  • 82% report receiving the same, if not less, recognition since COVID.
  • Employees crave acknowledgment, but only 13% feel recognized by their executive team.

Now is the time to show your employees that you see and appreciate their hard work. Starting a recognition program can help your employees feel like a part of the team again as more and more stay remote.