Payout Disbursement Solutions

Step aside paper payments — there’s a new way to disburse funds.

hand holding a silver Mastercard DisbursementCard

Eliminate the requirement for consumers to possess a bank or financial institution account by disbursing funds through InComm InCentive’s DisbursementCard.

Available in both physical and digital formats, this card makes it easy to load funds and gives your consumers quick access to much-needed disbursements.

By choosing this option over sending cash, an ACH payment, or providing funds via popular online payment platforms like Venmo and PayPal — you cut down on the use of paper, save on postage costs, and eliminate liability. By no longer needing consumer banking information, you avoid fraudulent activity while providing funds to consumers on an easy-to-use prepaid card.

Fast & Flexible

A convenient and easy way to book travel, shop online, pay bills, dine out, buy gas, and more. The card can be used in-store, online, and for phone and mail-order purchases. InComm InCentive’s DisbursementCard is ideal for:

  • Insurance claim settlement payments
  • Payouts for class action lawsuits
  • Refunding customers from product recalls
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Use Everywhere

Can be used anywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted.

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ATM Access

With the physical card there is flexibility to use it at ATMs and get cash back at the point of sale.

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Digital Delivery

Digital card delivery is nearly instantaneous.

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Online Card Management Tool

Balances can be checked anytime by signing in or calling the number on the back of the card.

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