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Build loyalty with meaningful connections.

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Through discovery, analysis, and project development, we'll build the perfect solution to meet your needs.

We design and deliver a personalized and relevant experience.

Build customer loyalty with personalized communications, and the largest offering of rewards in the market.

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Robust Rewards

With the largest offering of rewards options in the market, there's something for everyone: merchandise, physical and digital gift cards, Gift Tokens®, travel, experiences, branded Apple Store, and Premiere Choice Awards.

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Points Engine

Our scalable points bank platform and flexible rules engine are tailored to your strategic program goals and maximizing spend and profits.

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Reporting Dashboard

Provides an interactive, dynamic way of looking at data. Generate user-friendly reports for valuable insights into how your program is performing.

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Build consumer loyalty with compelling programs. Make it quick and easy to turn points into rewards with our intuitive, responsive platform.

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B2B: Drive sales and brand loyalty with incentives for dealers and distributors

Reward dealers to sell your product over any others with thousands of reward options.

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Encourage Health and Wellness activities with incentives for participation, event completion, and achievement milestones.

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Online Shop

The InComm Incentives Shop is our simplest solution for purchasing gift cards, physical or digital, in bulk. Our Shop lets you select from a large offering of gift card brands and purchase them in only a few steps. Discount options are also available on select brands.

No contracts, no minimums, no IT involvement.