Hand holding mobile device showing Venmo Gift Card purchase interface, powered by InComm InCentives

Venmo customers can now send and receive digital gift cards for popular brands such as Amazon and Starbucks directly in the app.

InComm InCentives is powering an exciting new offering with the launch of digital gift cards on the Venmo app. This new feature provides eligible Venmo customers with personalized ways to celebrate gifting occasions with popular gift card brands directly through the app. 

Eligible consumers can now use the Venmo app to send and receive digital gift cards for popular consumer brands. Gift cards received from others are stored on the in-app wallet for future redemption. Venmo customers also have the option to customize the gifting experience by selecting a short animation to accompany digital gift cards they send through the app. Animations are designed to celebrate special occasions ranging from holidays and birthdays to graduations and weddings.  

“For several years running, our annual holiday study has found that gift cards top the list of items that gift-givers anticipate purchasing for the holiday season,” said Brian Parlotto, Executive Vice President at InComm Payments. “Partnering with Venmo provides consumers with a fun, convenient way to celebrate the holidays and other occasions throughout the year — all on the same app that they use every day to send funds to friends and family.” 

Venmo’s in-app digital gift card offerings are powered by InComm InCentives’ bulk gift card ordering solutions, which enhance rewards and recognition programs to drive meaningful relationships between brands and consumers as well as businesses and employees. Our customized solutions are built on an industry-leading portfolio of monetary and non-monetary reward products. 

To learn more about purchasing digital gift cards on Venmo, visit newsroom.paypal-corp.com/2023-10-05-Introducing-Gift-Cards-on-Venmo 

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