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Hey there, boss! Let’s talk employee rewards.

Keeping your team happy and motivated is no easy task, but luckily there’s a simple solution. Gift card incentives for employees are a fantastic way to show appreciation and motivate your team — and what better way to provide those rewards than with gift or reward cards? Gift cards give employees the freedom to choose their own rewards, ensuring that everyone gets the perfect gift. Whether you have a coffee aficionado, foodie, or health enthusiast on your team, there is a gift card out there that will put a smile on their face. Let’s dive in and explore why gift cards can keep your team happy and motivated!

The power of gift cards: why they’re the perfect reward

Gift cards have become the perfect employee reward for several reasons. Let’s explore why gift cards are the ideal choice for keeping your team happy and motivated:

  1. Personalization is easy: One of the main advantages of gift cards is their versatility. You can use our Engage Solutions to allow employees to choose rewards that suit their preferences and interests! Whether someone is a trend-setter, an outdoors lover, or a tech aficionado, we have a gift card available for them. By providing personalized rewards, you ensure that your employees feel valued and appreciated for their unique contributions.
  2. Flexibility: Gift cards offer an incredible level of flexibility for both employers and employees. Employers can easily purchase and distribute gift cards from a wide variety of popular brands in various denominations, to reward employees at different levels based on their performance or achievements. Employees are also free to decide when and how to use their gift cards especially when providing brands like Visa, American Express, or Mastercard.
  3. Inclusivity: Gift cards are an inclusive form of employee reward. They eliminate the risk of giving gifts that may not be suitable or appreciated by everyone. We offer hundreds of gift and reward card brands to ensure every team member will find something they enjoy. This inclusivity fosters a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and acknowledged.
  4. Hassle-free: Distributing gift cards as employee rewards is a hassle-free process, especially compared to other reward options. With gift cards, there is no need to manage inventories or worry about sizing or gift preferences. You can easily purchase gift cards in bulk through our InCentives Shop or sign up for one of our Employee Recognition Programs and distribute them physically or electronically. This simplicity saves time and effort for both HR departments and employees.
  5. A culture of positivity: Gift cards can have long-lasting effects on your employee’s motivation and engagement. Unlike cash rewards that might be quickly forgotten or used for everyday expenses, gift cards offer a special treat or luxury that individuals might not indulge in otherwise. This creates a positive association between the reward and the workplace, fostering a sense of loyalty and satisfaction among employees and bringing an overall positive company culture.

Gift cards have emerged as the perfect employee reward. Their personalized nature, flexibility, inclusivity, ease of administration, and potential for long-term benefits make them an ideal choice for keeping your team happy and motivated. By providing gift cards, you show that you value your employees.

Did you know?

Nearly 1/5 of employees do not receive any type of feedback or recognition from their bosses over an entire calendar year.

Nearly 1/5 of employees do not receive any type of feedback or recognition from their bosses over an entire calendar year.

Let’s dive into the top gift card options for your team

With hundreds of gift and reward cards available to you, what makes the most sense for your team?

  1. Visa, Amex, or Mastercard Gift Cards: If you want to provide your team with maximum flexibility then Visa, American Express, and Mastercard gift and reward cards are the perfect option. These cards can be used anywhere that accepts their credit cards, giving your employees the freedom to purchase what they want from where they want, whether shopping online, dining out, or paying bills.
  1. Food/Restaurant Gift Cards: Treating your team to a refreshing morning coffee during your weekly standup meetings or a nice meal during a lunch and learn is always a thoughtful gesture. Consider giving food and restaurant gift cards to popular brands like Starbucks, UberEats, or Panera Bread.
  1. Spa or Wellness Gift Cards: Show your team that you care about their well-being by giving health and wellness themed gift cards. This could include gift cards for massages, facials, yoga classes, or other wellness services. Buying cards from brands like Groupon, Soothe, and Spa Week can encourage self-care and help your team rejuvenate.
  1. Retailer Gift Cards (In-Store and Online): Many employees enjoy shopping in stores or online, so gift cards to popular retailers like Walmart, Target, or Best Buy can be a hit. This gives your team members the freedom to choose from a wide range of products and pick them up themselves or have them delivered right to their doorstep.

Remember, it’s essential to consider your team’s preferences and interests when choosing gift cards. By selecting options that align with their individual tastes, you’ll demonstrate that you value and appreciate their contributions. If you aren’t sure what card is best, a Visa, American Express, or Mastercard gift or reward card can be used almost everywhere credit cards are accepted making it an ideal choice for all.

Did you know?

Employees prefer Visa-branded gift cards over anything else.

Employees prefer Visa-branded gift cards over anything else

Don’t forget the perks of a digital gift card!

One of the benefits of using digital gift cards as rewards for your employees is the convenience and flexibility. When going digital, cards cannot easily get lost, forgotten, or stolen. Digital gift cards provide several benefits that make them a top option as an employee reward.

  1. Instant Delivery: With digital gift cards, you can instantly deliver the rewards to your employees via email through our platform. There is no need to wait for physical cards to be shipped or distributed. This ensures that your employees receive their rewards quickly and can start enjoying them right away.
  1. Easy Redemption: Digital gift cards can be redeemed easily online or saved on a mobile wallet, making the process hassle-free for your employees. This eliminates the need for employees to carry around physical cards and worry about losing them.
  1. Wide Range of Options: Digital gift cards offer a wide range of options for your employees. Whether it’s for online retailers, gas, or food, hundreds of choices are available. This allows your employees to select rewards that align with their interests, ensuring a personalized and meaningful gift.
  1. Customization: Digital gift cards can be customized with personalized reward messages, adding a special touch. This allows you to make the rewards feel more thoughtful and unique to each employee. 
  1. Tracking and Analytics: Our solutions can track and analyze employee redemption data. You can easily monitor the redemption status and popularity of different gift cards. This valuable data can help you improve your reward program and make informed decisions about future employee incentives.
  1. Environmentally Friendly: By using digital gift cards, you contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach. There is no need for physical production, packaging, or transportation, which reduces waste and carbon emissions. This aligns with the growing demand for businesses to adopt sustainable practices.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the perks that digital gift cards offer your employee rewards program. Their flexibility, convenience, and personalized experience can make them an excellent choice to keep your team happy and motivated.

Did you know?

After physical cards, digital gift cards are the most desired way to be recognized by employers.

Scale chart showing most desired employee recognition

Make your team smile with the best gift card rewards!

To conclude, using gift cards as employee rewards can be an effective way to keep your team happy and motivated. The convenience and flexibility of gift cards make them a great option for your reward program. Here are some key takeaways:

  1. Instant Delivery: Digital gift cards allow for near-instant delivery to your employees via email, ensuring they receive their rewards quickly and can start enjoying them right away.
  1. Easy Redemption: Employees can easily redeem gift cards in-store, online, or through mobile wallet apps, making redemption choices hassle-free.
  1. Wide Range of Options: Gift cards offer various choices, including retail categories like apparel, health, electronics, dining, hobbies, and services. This allows employees to select rewards that align with their preferences, creating a personalized and meaningful experience.
  1. Customization: Gift cards can be delivered with customized thank you messages in an award, adding a special touch to the rewards to show appreciation to each employee. Looking to create your own custom gift card? Our partners at The Gift Card Shop offer custom cards for Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. Select your own custom colors and patterns or upload your own image!
  1. Tracking and Analytics: Track and analyze employee rewards data, helping you optimize your reward program and make informed decisions for future incentives.
  1. Environmentally Friendly: By using digital gift cards, you contribute to a more sustainable approach, as there is no need for a card, packaging, or transport.

Take advantage of the perks gift cards offer to create a positive and motivating work environment. Your employees will appreciate the convenience, flexibility, and personalized experience that can come with these rewards. InComm InCentives offers different solutions to help your company create a culture of positivity through the use of rewards. Through our easy-to-use bulk gift card Shop or through our employee recognition platform Engage, where you can reward team members with monetary and non-monetary awards, we have a solution for every company. With this, you are ready to lower employee burnout and turnover rates and help lower overhead costs by investing in your current workforce.

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