Buy Gift Cards as Workplace Health Incentives 


MOVE OVER APPLES — a healthy incentives program can decrease care costs, lower employee health risks, and encourage healthier habits amongst employees.

Have health incentives in the workplace but looking for a more well-rounded program?

Adding gift card rewards to your health & wellness program is an easy way to attract more employees to join your program and keep them motivated. We offer 350+ top gift card brands, and with our enterprise solutions, your members can even choose their own cards!

For a well-rounded program, InComm delivers end-to-end incentive solutions including bulk gift cards, reloadable Visa® cards, reward choice certificates, and a points bank system.

No health and wellness program in place?

Reach out to our dedicated account team to learn more about how you can engage your employees, motivate them to become healthier, and potentially reduce overall healthcare costs.