Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs


Meaningful recognition solutions at your fingertips! Our modern and responsive recognition software offers an easy way to recognize employees and increase employee engagement at every level with HRIS integration, SSO capabilities, tracking and measurement features.

Employee recognition, loyalty, and rewards programs can increase employee satisfaction in your workplace.

Partner with us to build the perfect employee rewards and recognition program to cultivate more workplace appreciation, improve employee experience, and boost employee retention by lowering burnout and turnover rates.

Why Reward:


of employees feel burnt out


of employees are receiving the same if not less recognition over prior years

Almost half

of employees are considering getting a new job


of employees are feeling less appreciated and connected working remotely


of employees find recognition equal or more important than salary

Engage Platform

Encourage employees and build meaningful connections with game-changing rewards by starting an effective employee recognition program.

Personalization Options

Customize our recognition platform with your logo and color scheme to fit your brand. You can also add your logo to award designs in our standard catalog, or create completely custom designs.

Top Rewards

Gift Cards are the most preferred reward for employee appreciation (2022 InComm Study). Give employees a choice as award recipients can choose their own employee reward from over 350 gift card brands. Allow upper management to send rewards or even offer peer-to-peer recognition!

Reporting Dashboard

Provides an interactive, dynamic way of looking at data. Generate user-friendly reports for valuable insights into how your program is performing and supporting your bottom line.

InComm InCentives' Engage platform with a catalog of Premiere Choice Awards shown

Platform Features

  • Monetary and non-monetary recognition, with physical & digital fulfillment options
  • Responsive, user-friendly functionality
  • HRIS integration participant management
  • Single Sign-On access
  • Configurable controls — individual budgets, approvals
  • Online metrics and analytics

Premiere Choice Awards™

Delivered in bulk or individual formats from a file upload, monetary reward PCAs begin at $10 and increase in $5 increments. Senders can personalize the award amount, recipient name, message, presenter name, and/or award reason.

Graphic showing a three step process of receiving a digital certificate, clicking it, then redeeming for a gift card

Awards can be emailed to the presenter to print and deliver or sent directly to the recipient. Award recipients can then redeem their PCA for their choice of 350+ gift card brands.

Graphic showing a three step process of receiving a digital certificate, clicking it, then redeeming for a gift card

Health & Wellness Incentives

Engage your employees and members to join a wellness program. Higher engagement in a health and wellness rewards program is associated with more proactive members and increased productivity.

Reward Choice Certificates

Send a digital or physical monetized reward with personalized message, design and name.

Reward Choice Certificates include:

  • Branded redemption site.
  • Customized award designs.
  • Recipients can choose to redeem online, or by mail.
  • Select from one of 350+ gift card brands to redeem award value.
  • Customized expiration dates
  • Rewards begin at $10 and increase in $5 increments.


Looking for employee recognition ideas? Follow us on social media (LinkedIn / YouTube) as we post fresh initiatives that you can start implementing on a regular basis to support a positive company culture. Some examples of types of employee recognition include sending rewards for hard work, shout-outs for birthdays, milestones, service awards, and work anniversaries, and top performers exceeding company goals, going the extra mile, or following your company’s core values.

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