Gift Card Solutions for Corporate and B2B Loyalty

Robust Reward Portfolio and Points Engine ​

Amplify sales and brand loyalty with incentives for dealers, distributors and more. Motivate sales teams to promote your product over other brands by offering the industry’s most robust B2B corporate gifting rewards program.



We design and deliver a tailored and relevant experience with personalized gift options. Drive engagement, maximize results, and boost retention with InComm’s end-to-end solutions and support.

Robust Rewards

Points Engine

Reporting Dashboard

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Program Features

Our high-quality catalog includes physical and digital gift cards (egift) with reloadable options, merchandise options, an exclusive Apple Rewards Store, and travel & experience rewards.

  • Available InComm hosted points bank tailored to your strategic program goals.
  • Branded corporate gifting platform featuring program logo, colors, copy, and images
  • Web hosting and custom gift site URL options
  • Flexible rules engine tailored to your strategic program goals
  • Easy self-enrollment and/or enrollment file upload via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)
  • Advanced reporting & analytics to help you learn how to boost conversions with marketing initiatives
  • Gamification available for ongoing engagement and ideal customer experience, while providing a unique gift option.

Encor Platform – More than a Gifting Service

Our client-tailored open architecture provides companies with both front and back-end service integrations to plug directly into your website. Our framework handles the points bank system and its catalog of products, including order management, special promotions, payments, customer service, analytics, and fraud prevention.

Inspire continuous brand loyalty with the rewards people really want. Who wants to waste gift-giving budget dollars on swag with company logos when you can purchase business gift cards? Whether you want to target consumers, dealers, or distributors, with your gifting strategy, our points bank system makes it easy to turn actions into rewards with the perfect gift.


  • We offer a high-end configurable platform to match your brand for a seamless gifting experience.
  • Users can create wishlists to work towards larger rewards or as boards for corporate gifting ideas.
  • A strategic business relationship with continued support from your very own account manager will guide you through onboarding, to major milestones, and beyond.

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