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 Employees whose managers consistently acknowledge them for good work are 5x more likely to stay at the company.








Our Rewards and Recognition Solution 



Personalization Options

Customize our platform with your logo and color scheme to fit your brand. You can also add your logo to award designs in our standard catalog, or create compeltely custom designs.


Top Rewards

Gift Cards are the most preferred reward for employee recognition (2022 InComm Study). Our award recipients get to choose their own reward from over 350 gift card brands.



Reporting Dashboard

Provides an interactive, dynamic way of looking at data. Generate user-friendly reports for valuable insights into how your program is performing.







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Premiere Choice Awards®

Add unique value to performance milestones and appreciation with personalized Premiere Choice Awards. These physical or digital awards allow the recipient to select their own gift card.


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User-friendly Platform

Our modern and responsive interface offers an easy way to recognize employees at every level with HRIS integration, SSO capabilities, tracking and measurement features.

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