Prepaid Gift Cards

InComm InCentives has the solution to help you create a company culture of positivity.

Our solutions simplify purchasing incentives through award-winning technologies with our easy-to-use gift card shop and our robust enterprise business solution offerings. At InComm InCentives, we partner with you to help maximize your growth initiatives through incentives.

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Employee Recognition Program

Retain talent and motivate your workforce. Start a recognition program through Human Resources to reward your team members. Company-wide, this can boost employee morale and lead to less burnout, a feeling of a better work-life balance, increased employee engagement, increased employee morale, higher employee retention, and a better bottom line. Let team members know you care by recognizing what they mean to your business.

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Incentive Programs

Offer incentives to motivate team members including top performers and boost employee performance to increase employee engagement and sales, build relationships, and surpass business owners’ goals.

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Promotions & Sweepstakes

Create brand loyalty by providing perks. Re-engage current and gain new customers by offering an incentive to use your products and services.

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Customer Appreciation

Build your relationships with meaningful interactions. It costs more to get new customers than retain current ones; thank them for their continued support by starting a reward program.

The right financial incentives go a long way — for clients, customers, or employees.

Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we can provide you with online bulk gift card purchasing options.

eCommerce Shop


Our eCommerce site allows you to order Visa®, American Express®, and other branded monetary rewards like gift cards in bulk with just a few clicks. Account setup is quick and easy – browse our catalog of brands, or create an account today!

We offer classic physical gift cards made of hard plastic that are sent to the buyer through the mail. We also have digital gift cards, offering the same value and versatility as their physical counterparts but with the added convenience of email delivery.

Similar to cash rewards and cash incentives, these gift and reward cards can be used to recognize hard work, increase employee satisfaction, support team-building, supply referral bonuses, reward professional development, and as a reimbursement for expenses, plus more!

Enterprise Solutions

Our configurable platforms offer access to our full portfolio of rewards: monetary incentives like digital and physical gift cards, non-monetary incentives like personalized award certificates, merchandise, experiences, travel, and the Apple Rewards Store. Also available are file-based ordering and single-source API integration options.

A secure FTP site (Raindrop) enables drag-and-drop CSV orders of our prepaid products without integration. Alder, our API, gives you the freedom to customize your front-end experience while utilizing our secure processing and fulfillment.

The InComm Difference

Only InComm can deliver an experience that:

Offers a complete catalog of rewards
Our rewards portfolio is the largest in the industry. We offer over 1,000 gift card brands, an Apple Rewards Store, and over 6,000 merchandise options, all in one location. 

Is truly personalized
Not only is our platform customizable to fit your brand look and feel, but content can be personalized for your customers.

Capitalizes on brand partnerships
Our extensive list of brand partners allows us to deliver a truly world-class experience. With over 31 years of industry leadership, we secure top promotions to drive engagement. 

All with best-in-class end-to-end support from our team.

InComm Payments is an industry leader with over 31 years of experience in the FinTech space.

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Global Reach

operations in 34 countries

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1 Billion +

cards managed annually

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Looking for research-backed solutions to increase business development opportunities? InComm is here to help! Our library is packed with relevant content and metrics for business leaders and HR professionals, including our latest research on digital trends, market reports, and data on the state of consumer loyalty and employee recognition. With our resources and expert opinion, you’ll have all you need to make better decisions and get your business where it needs to be.

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